Save money and time by having us find you cancellations.

Don't want to wait months for a test? One time payment from £19.99 for UNLIMITED cancellations until you PASS your test.

Even if you save only 1 lesson, this service has paid for itself.

As simple as that. No catch - money back if we find nothing. As many cancellations as you need to pass your test.

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Earlier test, or your money back

That's right, if we can't find you an earlier appointment, you get a refund. No questions asked.

Saves you money

From only £19.99 - meaning if you have just one less driving lesson, you've made your money back.

Search day and night

Our driving test finder can search on your chosen dates/times every 5 minutes. All day long. We never rest.

Happy Customers

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Got me a test two weeks before my date, saves me valuable time and money thank you.

Tilly via TrustPilot

2 days after signing up, i was booked on the date i wanted, 6weeks earlier! Amazing service for the perfect price.

Paige via TrustPilot

Found me a perfect cancellation within an hour !!! Amazing

Lydia via TrustPilot

Benefits of Driving Test Cancellations

We're highly experienced in finding driving test cancellations. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about how our service works.

One time payment from only £19.99

Guaranteed to be sent cancellation or receive a no-quibble 100% refund

You no longer need to search yourself. For the price of a few coffees - you get your free time back!

We're here for you until you pass your test. Unlimited cancellations for life.

We notify you via text message the moment a cancellation is found for you

Optionally, you can skip the message and we'll book you in directly (auto-booking)

Select up to 3 different test centres to search, across the UK

Instant, online sign-up process - no paperwork, no ID to scan

How it works


Tell us your requirements

Sign-up with us and tell us everything that we need to check to ensure it's suitable for you. Tell us when you're available (what times of the day) and when you're not (your holiday, instructor not available, or just don't fancy that time!)


Wait for cancellations

We'll search high and low, non-stop, until we find you a matching cancellation. We'll send you a text message and email with the details.


Reply "YES" to book it

Respond with YES to get the cancellation booked in for you. (Skip this step if you've picked automatic booking).

That's it. No tricks. We take the stress out of searching, but you still check to cherry-pick the right cancellation for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

Are you associated with the DVSA?
No - we are not affiliated or associated with the DVSA in any way. We use the same service to search that is open to you - but we do so often we can pretty much guarantee we'll find you something!
Do I need to have an existing booking?
Yes - you need to have an existing booking to use our service. But it can be for any date or time or test centre - it just has to be a valid booking. You can let us know when signing up if you want us to find you one at a different test centre. If you can't find any availability, then on the 5th step of booking a test (where you select a centre), you can use the button at the bottom of the page to book an 'on hold' test which will still work with our system meaning we will be able to find you a cancellation.
Can I use this service if my test is on hold?
Yes - our system works even if your test is on hold (with no date or time). As the booking is paid for, we can update it with a real date/time once a cancellation is found.
My theory test is expiring soon, I can't book a test at my test centre. How can I use your service?
Please email us at [email protected] with your theory test expiry date and we'll give you a test centre you can book your test at
Can I choose what test centre you search for cancellations at?
Yes, as part of signing up, you can opt to change your test center
I've booked my test already but it's 3 months away. Can you help me find one sooner?
Absolutely! We want you to get your license as soon as possible. We do this by scouting for people who cancel their driving test bookings and then we offer those spots to you so that you can get your test done within weeks, not months
How do you find the cancellations?
We have a specialist team and custom technology that helps us search for driving test cancellations in real time. When we find one that matches your preferences, we let you know straight away. If the time works for you, we'll book you in and the DVSA will send you an immediate confirmation.
How do I pay you?
You can pay via debit/credit card or PayPal - whatever you prefer.
Are there any hidden costs?
Nope. We don't like shady fees. And if you don't get a driving test booking faster, we'll give you a refund. No questions asked.
Can I get a refund after I've paid?
Yes, provided you have given us at least 3 weeks to search for cancellations for you and we have not offered a single cancellation that meets the requirements of your search.

Refunds in any other case are not possible. If you've not given us a valid booking, you can retain the link to use if you fail your test or gift it to a family member or friend.

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